Obligatory “first” post

Welcome to my website. It has lain fallow for about two years now. Prior to 2012 I was managing this site via HTML, and decided to switch to WordPress. After the switchover, I neglected to bring any of the previous information or pages over to the new format. And honestly, the site had been pretty inactive prior to that.

As social media sites have picked up, I have paid less attention to my webpage and various blogs. In addition, I was putting a lot of time into the small business I started in 2012, and closed (on good terms) in March 2014.

My goal for the site is still nebulous, but right now my thought is to use the CrushedMuffin site as my main blog. I will be reviewing the previous iteration of the site and see if there is any content I want to pull forward into the WordPress format.

As for me, I am Christy. I am defined in many ways that change, and have changed over time. Currently, I am Manager of UF Institutional Repository and Theses and Dissertations Program, a writer, an avid reader, a vegan baker (but not a vegan), a happy wife, a world traveler, and a proud servant and lap of my two cats, Emma and Sarah, among other things.