I am coming off of a pretty good weekend – how about you?

A while back I backed a Kickstarter that brought to life a delightful game Marrying Mr. Darcy. The game, as you can imagine, is based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – and even came with an undead expansion pack, for those who are more familiar the more recent iteration of the story that includes zombies.

This weekend I had about a half-dozen ladies over for tea and the game. It was good fun, and though Mary Bennet ended up wed to Mr. Darcy, Georgiana Darcy was the big winner (though I can’t recall which bachelor won her hand).

We jumped into the proposal stage a little early, honestly, because 4 pm was rolling around, and the penultimate world cup 2014 game was going to start. So the tea party morphed into a world-cup party where shortbread, tea sandwiches and fruit were the finger food.

So, Saturday was a win.

Sunday was also a pretty good day. Yes, I watched the Germany/Argentina World Cup final (though this time with just my husband), but my day started well before that.

I met with a writing friend of mine, and we discussed my current WIP – he helped me figure out why I’ve been stuck as this one point, and I am finally able to move on, I think.  (I ended up writing about 1,500 words later).

We also had a good discussion about sexual orientation vs. gender identity – how to write someone different from you on one spectrum or the other, and when you should and should not include those characters in your work. My end of the discussion was partially informed by my recent attendance at the Writing The Other retreated (more on this later). I think this is a worthy topic, though, and one that I will be exploring more as I move forward in my writing career.

Overall, it was a weekend that was a good mix of fun, intelligent conversation, and productivity.

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