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2021 – the chorus of “This Year” by The Mountain Goats

icon of Covid-19 vaccination certificate overlayed on image of masked woman laying with head on table
2021 be all like

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In 2021 my work situation changed from full-time remote worker, to working on campus 3 days a week (thanks to UF’s new Remote Work Policy which grants up to 40% remote work for positions that can accommodate it). When I started back on campus in the summer, I was placed in one of the group study rooms in Library West. This was in part due to the ongoing COVID policies, which were reinforced when the Delta variant reared its ugly head.

It was great, at first, as we were rolling out our new ILS (catalog and discovery system) starting July 15, and my position had me facilitating the circulation portion of this. Having a room with a giant whiteboard, plenty of space, and no interruptions was valuable. So when they extending my use of the room beyond the start of Fall term (when the other rooms were being returned to study room functionality), I was glad.

After a while, however, being isolated from my department (whom I’d only rarely seen in person as I’d begun the position the previous October), and in plain view of curious students as to why this particular study room was not available (does she have a full computer in there?), started to play with my mental health. After finally pushing the issue (for me what felt like the third time), I was finally moved into the large room, where most of the rest of my department is housed. And it is better, it really is.

I posted last May that my husband and I reached 22 years of marriage last May 15th. We hit a few other milestones that month: I had my 22nd work-a-versary for my time at UF (May 17); and we made our last mortgage payment. That’s right, we are now homeowners. Boom.

Other things that happened in 2021

  • We purchased a new car (2021 Subaru Outback Onyx ET)
  • We met Toby’s family on his dad’s side in Huntsville. With the two half-brothers (Kevin and Collin), we have gained 8 nephews, 4 nieces, 6 great-nephews, 6 great-nieces, and one great-, um, child, due in February
  • As of August 29, 2021, I have been married for over half my life
  • Despite our best efforts (vaccinated and boosted, masked and wary) we contracted COVID in late December (gee, thanks Omicron Variant)

I’m certain there are other mememborial moments from 2021, things worth mentioning, but my brain has given up on this retrospective, and as we’re already over a week into 2022, I think it best to end here.

Best of wishes for this upcoming year!

Drawing a family tree has gotten a bit more complicated…

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