GenCon – tentative schedule achieved


One of my 38 things this year was to attend a convention with a strong writer’s track. Writer's Symposium

I have booked convention tickets for GenCon, arranged time off work, booked airline tickets and a hotel, found a roommate, and the last step in my pre-convention excitement, I have signed up for several of the seminars and two workshops (former are free, later cost a small amount) to keep me well occupied, and learning, from Thursday – Sunday.

So, here’s current schedule (subject to change):

Writer’s Craft: Eliciting Emotional Responses 11:00 AM
Writer’s Craft: Atmospheric Writing 12:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Editing Your Work 1:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: When to Show, When to Tell 2:00 PM
Business of Writing: Professional Organizations (SFWA, IAMTW, & More) 3:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Killing Off Characters 4:00 PM
Worldbuilding: When Your World is a Character 6:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Novel Outlines & Synopsis 7:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Finding Work for Your Inner Critic—Self-Editing for Fiction Writers 9:00 AM
Writer’s Craft: Rewrites & Second Drafts 11:00 AM
Writer’s Craft: Plot Design 12:00 PM
Writer’s Life: Breaking Writer’s Block 2:00 PM
Writer’s Life: Writer’s & Mental Health—You’re Not Alone 4:00 PM
Worldbuilding: Mythology 6:00 PM
Worldbuilding: Governments & Laws 7:00 PM
Character Craft: Character Voice 10:00 AM
Worldbuilding: Flora, Fauna, & the Natural World 11:00 AM
Worldbuilding: Writing a World’s History 12:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Sustaining the Tension in Novels 1:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Hickman’s Guide to the Care & Feeding of Your Audience 2:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Magic and the Modern World 3:00 PM
Worldbuilding: Creating Religions 4:00 PM
Writer’s Craft: Is Your Story Ready to Sell? 5:00 PM
Special Event: Writing Excuses Podcast Recording LIVE! 6:00 PM
Character Craft: Build Them Up After Tearing Them Down 11:00 AM
Business of Writing: Schmoozing 101 12:00 PM


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