So, I have met my word count goal for today. It was difficult, but I reached the 1,667 minimum. Then I pushed on to get past 2,000. I even removed the 205 words from the count that I have in strike-out text (a false start on the first scene). Overall I am pleased. It is only 7:45 pm as I write this (thanks end of daylight savings time), so I am debating trying to squeeze in a few more words, but I’m not going to force it.

Because I am a visual person, I am just going to put this here, to help keep me on track:

And for those who are curious about what I am writing this year, I have a working title, and my synopsis to share. (I have also submitted the same to 30 days, 30 covers.)

Casey Watkins and the Case of the Missing Mascot

Casey Watkins just wants to go to the Homecoming Gala dance and have fun, but doesn’t know if that is possible with things they way they are. First, Casey doesn’t know who they will go with. To make things worse, Grant High rules require a tux or formal dress, either of which would require Casey to choose a highly gendered role. These matters become moot when the school mascot is stolen and the looks like the dance will be cancelled. Desperate to keep the event going, the dance committee implores Casey to help find the missing bulldog pup. Casey brings in the help of their two best friends, Anya and Juan, to solve the easiest of these, and set out to find the missing mascot, so that at least some of the school can enjoy the dance.

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November 2015