Daruma Doll

A while back a friend of mine gave me a Daruma doll he picked up on his most recent trip to Japan. When I received it, the eyes were blank.

Following what my friend told me, I set a wish/goal that I wanted to achieve as I filled in one of the eyes. The doll sits on my desk as a reminder to me, and he earns the other eye when I’ve met my goal/ when my wish has been fulfilled.


(You can read more about Daruma Doll eyes at wikipedia)

Now, this is very much a borrowed cultural item, and I am applying my use of it based on my (quite limited) understanding of the doll, and the tradition that drives it. I do so with respect to the culture from which I’ve taken it, trying to honor the spirit behind it, as I understand it.

As for the wish? Well, here is hoping it’s not like a birthday wish that is nullified when shared. My Daruma doll will get it’s left eye when I have sold and published 2 works of fiction.

I have one short story on the verge of going out, a second in the works, and ideas for a third. In the meantime, my one-eyed observer sits on the desk above me, reminding me of the goals I am striving to achieve.

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