Lies Depression Tells Me, 3

“This is as good as it gets.” –  My Depression

I know that I just haven’t found the right anti-depressant yet, but that doesn’t stop the pesky voice telling me that no matter what I try, it won’t work.

For the record, the second anti-depressant a) didn’t work and b) had some pretty bad side effects for me, so I was only on it for two weeks. I’m rocking week 4 of my newest prescription, and I am doing better (no side effects, at least). I am still waiting to see if the actual function of the drug performs as I hope/ as it is supposed to, but changing the chemistry in one’s body takes time, and I’m still in the transition phase.

That said, some days are more of struggle, especially in the morning, when I take my new dose, and have to wait for it to hit my system.

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