Lies Depression Tells Me – 8 failure

Dark cloud with words like inability, deficiency, inadequacy, rejection
Lies that I am unworthy, a failure, cloud my mind.

“You’ve put off the course work for the online workshop you were so eager for. You won’t catch up now, so don’t bother. Let’s just check that “fail” box.”

“You misunderstood directions, and didn’t communicate, because you didn’t realize you misunderstood. You are a failure. A huge disappointing failure.”

“You fell out of contact with friends. Guess what. You failed. Again.”

“Oh, you’re feeling bad – that must mean that you aren’t eating right / getting enough sleep/ getting enough socialization / getting enough alone time to reflect/ getting enough sunlight. You = FAIL.”

“You can’t successfully block out a voice that you know is lying to you, you know is cruel and undermines you? I think you know what you are.”

Word cloud with positive messaging, mistakes are not failures
Trying to take those lies, and turn them upside down.
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