On my birthday I decided to do one new thing (or revisit one thing I enjoyed but haven’t done in a while) for each of my 38 years. (Original Post Here).

Here is an update on some of the items I have done:

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Items I have made progress on:

  • Complete the Couch to 5K
    • Downloaded 5K runner app
    • Ran 3 days this past week (Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday) following app instructions
    • Realized the 5K I picked is the day after an out-of-town event I’m attending, began searching for alternate 5K to run
  • Participate in Month of Letters
    • Sent something every day but one, including to some strangers who signed up as pen-pals via the Month of Letters site.
  • Attend a Pilates class
    • Showed up at “new” location for class; but it wasn’t held
    • Contacted teacher, then program director for class, found out the real location for the class for this upcoming weekend.
  • Attend a concert of some sort on UF campus
    • Looked up UF concert schedule, added all Spring events to my calendar
    • Found someone (sibling) to likely attend with me
  • Ride/ walk the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail
    • Walked part of this trail by coincidence – it was the same trail my hubby had heard about (by a different name), and we went to check it out this weekend with my sibling
  • Learn how to play Magic
    • Watched two games of Magic between hubby and friend, understand the basic mechanics
  • Find a way to support, advocate the LGBT communityPFLAG
    • Talked with friend who is member of PFLAG about opportunities
    • Got my PFLAG membership straightened out, now receive newsletters
    • Signed up for UF’s LGBT Affairs newsletter

Items I’ve added to the list:

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February 2015