Thursday 38 Things Update -3

On my birthday I decided to do one new thing (or revisit one thing I enjoyed but haven’t done in a while) for each of my 38 years. (Original Post Here).

Here is an update on some of the items I have done:

Items I have made progress on:

  • Learn how to play Magic
    • Purchased a starter pack, and played 2 open-faced games with my sibling, under guidance of my husband
  • Complete the Couch to 5K
  • Find a way to support, advocate the LGBT community
  • Go to a convention with a solid writers track (95% sure this will be GenCon)Knitting2
    • Priced GenCon tickets
    • Began looking at airfare for GenCon
    • Got time off for GenCon
    • Found roommate for GenCon
  • Learn how to knit ; knit something
  • Empty my hotmail inbox
    • Went through all my “friend” folders, and many of the other folders, deleted over 4,000 emails.

Items I’ve added to the list:

  • Donate blood at least twice
  • Read 38 books
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