Christy with mustache and Toby with pink lips in a painted frame
Gallery of images spanning from our wedding in 1999, forward (we do have 4 more years of photo evidence, but […]
The first time I heard the phrase “Filling the Well” as it relates to creativity was in college. I was […]
2020 was a slog, so I decided to recap all the positives in my year. Photo intensive post documenting the good things.
Photo of line-art cat
Simple and meaningful, this cat resides on my left ankle.
Image of winged boy tattoo
A forlorn looking winged boy, original art from my sibling, was my second tattoo.
Photo of Christy's back with tattoo of small feather wings
Part one of a tour of my tattoos, in celebration of National Tattoo Day later this week.
Flynn, a large orange tabby, lying on a half-written letter with a paper fan between his paws.
I had the opportunity to present on the art of letter writing. During the quarantine this is how I’m doing most of my writing.
Three cats on and around my desk
Continued from Life in the time of pandemic – part 1 Context – Updated Okay, so I started writing this post […]
Orange/pink roses on top of a sheet of music
I have a part two to the COVID-19 post from weeks ago, well, I’ve got the design of it. I’m […]
Context March 22, 2020 – around 11 am EDT. 1 We are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We […]
October 2021