The Illusion of Time Away

Sometimes I feel that if I could just get a vacation – some time away from my normal routine and responsibilities (my fantasy get-away alternates from me just being at home, to me being in some cabin somewhere) – but if I could just get that break from things, then I could do a sort of personal “reset.”

For an away retreat, the reset would be for me – mentally / emotionally /physically. For a home (or uninterrupted at work) reset, it I would focus on my environment. But with either one, I feel could get myself in a better place to handle, well, life, when I returned to the reality day-to-day.

But that isn’t the point of life, is it?

It should be the finding enjoyment and rewards in the day-to-day, not in holding that satisfaction away from myself- only to be achieved at some impossible time, because I know if I had that time, that retreat, I wouldn’t leave it much different than I entered it.

And life would still go on the way it has.

The key is small changes – implemented on the day-to-day, not on the mythical “when I have time.”

And intellectually I know this. But I still dream of that perfect, life-altering week away from it all.

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