Journal_WEsmallFrom the second Character class ( here is an exercise that builds on the previous one. My previous exercise  can be found here: Writing Excuses Homework 10.5

Writing Prompt: Pick one of the dead-drop characters from the exercise two weeks ago, and turn them into a secondary character. Now take one of the characters with whom they interacted, and write the same scene again, but from this new character’s POV.

Beauty tugged on her leash, and Mike picked up his pace. He had tried to be home on time, he really had, but Morgan had had other ideas. He didn’t like that his dog suffered at the whims of his boss at the same time he was grateful Beauty was trained well enough to not mess the flat.

A flash of swirly orange ahead caught his attention among the grays and blacks and blue jeans. The girl in the skirt that had caught his eye turned, and Mike recognized his down-the-hall neighbor. Her blue eyes narrowed, and she turned away.

Mike watched her walk, almost as fast as Beauty was pulling him along in her urgency to get to the green. He was beginning to regret training the terrier to only do her afternoon business in the Shops Downtown lawn. It was as misguided effort to ensure that he got at least a small walk in every day, but now it just seemed like a cruelty.

Damn Morgan. He was uncomfortable thinking how his dog must be feeling.

The neighbor girl caught his attention again. She had turned to look back, and quickly turned away when he noticed, pulling the messenger bag she carried up under her arm.

Maybe he could ask her to check in on Beauty on days when he was late, he remembered she was good with dogs. Beauty tugged more urgently, and pulled him down 2nd toward the south side of the lawn. Mike filed that question to ask her later, and picked up his pace again.

Damn Morgan.


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June 2016