Writing Excuses Homework 10.8


Assignment: Sketch out the events before and after your dead-drop scene from last week and three weeks ago.


Abi was at her work, a museum conservation office, scrambling to create a forgery of the Shakespeare Folio, and not be noticed by her coworkers. She packed it in a preservation box, pulled the messenger bag out of a box under her desk, and headed downtown.

Mike is forced to stay late, after being forced to come in early. He finally manages to slip out, with the help of a co-worker, and rushes home to find his dog, Beauty, by the door, leash in her mouth, whining. He drops his bag, throws his tie on the table,and takes Beauty on a walk.



Abi drops the bag, picks up the trade off bag, and then walks the park, interacting with the dogs. She wanders south, away from the table, and runs into Mike, and is surprised, and flustered, and drops the bag, spilling it’s contents – lots of fliers that look to have been pulled off of light posts from around town, and she finds herself having to explain the contents.

Mike and his dog get to the lawn, and Beauty takes care of business. Mike settles into a more leisurely walk, letting Beauty interact with dogs. A flash of orange, and he sees Abi heading to him. She is surprised to see him, and drops her bag, which appears to contain garbage. He wonders if she really is a good choice to care for Beauty.

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