Invalid reasons that I put things I want to do on hold:

What are you waiting for?

  • For my meds to stabilize
  • To hear back about the We Need Diverse Books mentorship application
  • To hear back about the Futurescapes application *
  • To hear back from job applications
  • To feel like it
  • To get enough distance from the story to look at it objectively
  • For better weather
  • For inspiration
  • To get to the end of this series I’m watching
  • To not be sad
  • For my husband to finish his sewing projects
  • To have completed one project completely
  • To have “leveled up” in my writing ability
  • For the 2020 “Unravelling your year” workbook to be available
  • To take just one more writing class
Person standing next to suitcase, looking out over field and trees at dusk


*I’ve heard back, and was accepted to this workshop. Airline tickets, hotel and registration for it and LTUE are all settled.

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  1. weylyn42 says:

    *Being able to get something perfect

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