Dark cloud with words like inability, deficiency, inadequacy, rejection
“You’ve put off the course work for the online workshop you were so eager for. You won’t catch up now, […]
Maintenance cover with the number 42 spray painted on, surrounded by leaves
Since 42 is the ultimate answer, I figured this birthday I would commit to answering the first 42 questions I get via my blog, facebook or twitter. I may even answer them truthfully.
A bare-branched tree with dozens of blue nazar, whole and broken alike
This piece of art is small and simple. The nazar is a talisman that is supposed to ward one from […]
So, my depression has found new ways to be insidious. Since my last medication adjustment in December, I’ve found I […]
Somewhere over our years together, Toby and I became art collectors. We started, like any good college couple, with posters […]
Christy on a balcony pointing at the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me sign
Since I didn’t write much last year, I’m taking the opportunity this year to look back and ahead at the […]
Happy New Year January 1st, the day of new beginnings, the day of resolutions, the day of tradition, the day […]
Florida was just trounced by Hurricane Irma. She meandered, dragging predictions along with her, but the sheer size of the […]
It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. Hell, it’s been a while (6 months) since I […]
  I started last year by completing “Unravel your 2016.” While I didn’t stick to everything, I found the exercise […]
September 2021